Frequently Asked Questions

READ THIS FIRST:  We are happy to announce that HoverKart has been licensed to Yvolve Sports Limited. They are responsible for some of the most iconic wheeled toys of the 21st century (check out their website). They have licensed HoverKart to be an exciting new addition to one of their brands, Neon. The Neon brand includes lighted rollers, scooters, skateboards, and light-up shoes. The Neon Kart is launching as an exclusive on Amazon for the holidays and you can find it on the Neon website at Any questions about the Kart should be directed to Neon, their contact information can be found here.  The following FAQ refer generally to our original HoverKart concept, not to the Neon Kart.

When and where can I buy HoverKart?

The Neon Kart is available right now on Amazon and on the Neon website at

Will HoverKart fit my hoverboard?

So far, we’ve tested HoverKart with the typical 6.5″, 8″ or “Lamborghini”  and 10″ boards with 100% success.

6.5″ and 10″

8″, or “Lamborghini”

After the campaign we’ll work on making HoverKart compatible with some of the new models that are being introduced under the new UL standards. If you are interested in HoverKart but don’t see your model pictured above, please send us a picture of your board along with the make/model to

In the event that we determine HoverKart cannot work with a particular model, we will list it in the answer to “Are there any hoverboards that HoverKart does NOT fit?” below.

Are there any hoverboards that HoverKart does NOT fit?

There are a few less common models that we know HoverKart will not work with, and those are pictured below.  Unfortunately, these boards have certain characteristics that are incompatible with HoverKart, such as the shape of the outer body shell, or quirks within the software that controls the board.

How much does HoverKart cost?

We’re currently working with partners to get HoverKart into retail stores and as a result we don’t have an exact price yet.  Stay tuned by subscribing to our mailing list if you want to know as soon as we have pricing info.

How does HoverKart work?

HoverKart quickly and easily attaches to your hoverboard.  The two handles are connected directly to the two halves of the board, putting you in full control.  Pushing forward or back on the handle is just like leaning forward or back with your foot, which causes that wheel to rotate.  Each wheel is controlled independently, which gives HoverKart its awesome maneuverability.

How fast does HoverKart go?

This depends on your hoverboard but most of the boards we’ve tested top out around 10-12mph.  It’s enough to feel the wind blowing through your hair!

When I see people riding hoverboards standing up, they look really slow. Is HoverKart that slow?

Definitely not!  People usually move around pretty slow on the hoverboard because it’s difficult to keep their balance.  HoverKart allows you to lean the hoverboard much further than you ever could while standing on it, unleashing all the torque that the motors have to give.

How do I install HoverKart?

Start off by making sure your HoverKart has the right feet for your hoverboard.  Then, simply place HoverKart on your hoverboard so that the feet sit flat on the footpads of the board, then buckle the straps around the board.  It’s always a good idea to make sure the straps are tight and adjust if necessary before riding

What if I want to remove HoverKart and use the hoverboard by itself?

It’s even easier to remove HoverKart than it is to install it.  Just release the buckles, remove the kart frame, and you’re good to go!

What if nothing happens when I turn on the hoverboard and try to move the handles?

Check to make sure that the footplates are sitting flat on the hoverboard and that they depress the sensors in the footpads of the hoverboard when you’re sitting on it.  Also check to make sure that the hoverboard works by itself and that the battery is charged, etc.